Lyn Hancock

In the North


I first met Lyn 25 years ago when she went caribou hunting on Banks Island with my grandmother Susie Tiktalik, my aunt Edith, and my cousin Bella. We called her “the Girl in the Yellow Hat” and that hat became one of her trademarks. Lyn came in the summer, but stayed for the fall. I loaned her my parka so she wouldn’t freeze! This was the beginning of Lyn Hancock’s affection for the North and its peoples. She has been an ambassador for the North ever since.
Through Lyn’s account of her personal experiences in a land where travel is not easy and where one has to be flexible, readers will learn of the changes that have occurred up here during the last two or three decades. They will learn what life is like now in the North.

-Rosemarie Kuptana
(President, Inuit Circumpolar Conference and former President, Inuit Tapirisat of Canada),
(October 4, 1996)

Christmas in a Sod House

Winging It In The North

From writer/photographer Lyn Hancock, “Winging It” is a Way of life. She takes chances. talks to strangers, changes her plans on a whim. With her camera, notebook, and backpack she is a challenge in the vast, undeveloped northern wilderness. Yet for over 25 years. Lyn Hancock has managed to get to some of the most remote places on the planet by floatplane, boat, dogsled, truck, skidoo, and various other means of transportation and to earn respect for her tales of adventure in the north.

“Lyn is a true adventurer. You’ll see that for yourself as you digest these pages. She’s also fearless – you’ll see that side of her, too. But most of all, Lyn is a navigator who has found paths into secret corners of the north. With an entertaining, highly personal writing style and superb photographs, she throws light into places most of us will never see. Without Lyn’s work, the North would be a greater mystery to many people than it already is.”

-from the Foreword by Jake Ootes, Northern Publisher and MLA, Yellowknife Centre
(October 4, 1996)

Winging it in the North

Old Woman’s Last Hunt

This story OLD WOMAN’S LAST HUNT the first major story Lyn wrote on the north at the beginning of her 20 years of living in the north is an important one as it sparked her long-lasting love affair with the land she calls home.