The Saucy Raccoon

At three weeks, Tabasco is a tiny, helpless ball of fluff. Already, the little raccoon’s life is unusual: tucked into Lyn’s pocket or tote bag, Tabasco accompanies Lyn on a cross-country tour, making friends every step of the way. By the time they get home, Tabasco is ready to explore the world—inch by exciting, fragrant, tactile inch. Nothing is safe from Tabasco’s clever paws. Dogs run and horses stand still when Tabasco comes to call. For some, the raccoon’s like her namesake: a little goes a long, long way. But children flock from all around to play with Lyn’s busy, talkative friend. Much as Lyn loves Tabasco, she knows that raccoons are wild creatures, not house pets. The story of Lyn Hancock’s search for a new, wild home for her beloved companion will melt your heart. Young and old alike will treasure the unforgettable tale of Tabasco, the saucy raccoon.

What a delightful story! Thanks for putting your personal experiences in the company of a raccoon down on paper. These are experiences that most of us won’t ever get to have. It’s great that you are able to pass on that knowledge, as well as create awareness about these animals, their behaviours and their personalities.

Mike Donnelly

The Glenbow Museum

Radio Interview : Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon

With SinoNaimo News

Tabasco The Saucy Raccoon Fun Book Reading by Lyn Herself

Lyn At Home In Nanoose Bay

How Books Come To Be From

The Idea To The Bookshelf

Come with me now to one of my most popular live presentations to schools, libraries, book clubs and anybody else interested in how books come to be. My own life as a writer started with studying bald eagles and sea birds on Vancouver Island (read THERE’S A SEAL IN MY SLEEPING BAG) and continued with mothering wild animal orphans like TABASCO THE SAUCY RACCOON. Here is Tabasco’s story in life and print. And here’s a little of the unique story behind Lorraine Kemp’s illustrations.

Lorraine didn’t just make up the illustrations out of her head. She spent many months drawing real life people (and animals). When she asked the staff and students of Anne McClymont Elementary School in Kelowna to model the characters in TABASCO THE SAUCY RACCOON, the principal Dr. Sandra Sellick didn’t know she would be the Air Canada ticket agent faced with selling a ticket to a raccoon then suggesting to Lyn that she smuggle Tabasco aboard the plane.

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