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Tabasco The Saucy Raccoon

Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon loved sitting on our shoulders, feeling for the nooks and crannies of our faces, poking his sensitive black suede fingers into our noses, our ears, our mouths. “You should call him Goesinta because he goes into everything,” suggested one of the neighborhood kids. “He’s just like a dentist.”
And that’s how Tabasco became Dr. Goesinta the Dentist.
Kids across Canada competed in a contest to draw this celebrity raccoon as a dentist and here are some of their illustrations. Which ones do you like best?
Let’s have another contest. See the picture I chose as a cover for our book TABASCO THE SAUCY RACCOON.


Have a look at the picture of Tabasco on the front cover of his book TABASCO THE SAUCY RACCOON. What do you think he is thinking?
I was always chasing him around the apartment, through the apple orchard, down the street with my camera ready to record his picture. “Not another photo, Lyn!” is what I thought he was thinking.
Recently, I asked the members of a local club here in Lantzville the same question and here’s some of the answers.
“Oh, no! Don’t tell me I’ve been wearing my mask the wrong way!”
“Oh, oh! Should I tell Lyn what I did?”
I think Tabasco could be saying, “Oh, Lyn, not another picture! Put that camera down!”
What do YOU think?
Send me an email to [email protected] or [email protected] and I’ll announce the winners here on my website.

The Contest


Tabasco The Saucy Raccoon

Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon was always poking and prodding her long sensitive fingers into my mouth, everybody’s mouth. She was always going into everything. So kids called her Dr.Goesinta the Dentist. I announced a cross Canada contest to draw a picture of Tabasco as Dr. Goesinta the Dentist and here are the winners.

Why don’t you send me your illustration of Dr. Goesinta the Dentist and I will post them on this website and post free books to the winners. Don’t forget to send me your address.

My next contest would be for viewers to this website to write their own stories of having an imaginary adventure with Tabasco and I will send a free autographed copy of Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon to the one I like best. More on that another time.

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