Testimonials From Teachers:

Without doubt, Ms. Hancock is one of the most fascinating and dynamic authors we have had the privilege of meeting. Being a former teacher, she very early established a rapport with the children and sustained interest at a high peak throughout her presentation… She is an extraordinary person.
– Bill Porter, The Board of Education for the City of North York, Ontario.

I have taught for 30 years and by far this is the most stimulating presentation I have attended. The combination of the slide presentation, your reading of excerpts from your book Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon, as well as your many personal anecdotes made this book come alive. By talking about the steps you follow to write a book, plus the details about your illustrator, the students gained a greater understanding of the tremendous amount of work involved. Wonderful. I felt I HAD to read your books.
– Lynda Scott, Bridlewood School, Ottawa, Ontario

The presentation you gave to our students was most enchanting and dynamic. It kept our ordinary short-attention-span-students spellbound for the entire hour. That is quite an accomplishment, believe me. You are an inspiration.
– Shirley Coffin, St. Joseph’s/A.McKay School, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mrs. Hancock held the attention of one hundred and ten students age six to twelve for a full ninety minutes…an incredible feat in itself. She explained her personal philosophy of writing novels and vividly recounted the memories and details that went into creating many of her books… a unique experience that will motivate students AND teachers alike for many years to come
– Steven Van Diest, Pipestone School, Millet, Alberta

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and your wisdom. Just what our students needed.
Sacred Heart School, Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Thank you for your wonderful presentation… Your remarkable life experiences captivated our student population and inspired them both as global citizens, learners and writers…My students immensely enjoyed their time with you. Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon has become a classroom favourite. Many children have purchased it and are sharing it with their friends.
– Alex de Medeiros, Gordon Head Middle School, Victoria, BC

The story of Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon ignited a passion for writing amongst our students. I enjoyed seeing the students’ excitement for writing build as you told your story of living and travelling with a raccoon. Lyn, the passion you have for writing was infectious. Your animated personality and love for wildlife captured the students’ interests and got them thinking of stories they could share. Your background as a teacher is evident as you helped them build on their ideas to create amazing ‘hooks’ for their stories. Providing different writing opportunities to the teachers will help them lead their students to many different writing experiences…Absolutely amazing!
– Marisa Radcliffe, Pleasant Valley Elementary School, Nanaimo, BC

Absolutely wonderful presentation. If anyone could inspire children to write their stories Lyn could. Just her adventures alone kept our attention and wanted us to hear more. Can’t wait to read her books.
– Nancy Korman, French Creek Community School, BC

Thoroughly delightful. Many people dream of having adventures but few have so many of them in a lifetime. Lyn shared with us her intense caring about our Canadian past and her enthusiasm for writing from personal experience and from the heart. The students observed the connection between experience and writing and were enthralled with her presentation. Her visit was a tremendous success and enhanced greatly our creative writing program.
– Karen Wason, Woburn Collegiate Institute, Ontario

You really got my students excited about writing. I can’t wait to get them started on their own adventure stories. They were so engaged and interested in everything you had to say! Thank you also for all the great ideas you gave me for writing lessons. My class just loved having you speak to them. You are a wonderful writer, speaker and teacher.
– Lisa Blair, Glenrosa Elementary School, Kelowna, BC

Your presentation was wonderful. It captured my students’ imagination, they were taken with all of Lyn’s stories. They have never been so into writing or written so much at one time.
– Melissa Robertson, Mount Benson Elementary School, Nanaimo, BC

Your stories are so funny and inspiring that I want to start my own book about my crazy cat or the wacky family I have or whatever. Entertaining and inspirational.
– Cheryl Donnell, Mount Benson Elementary School, Nanaimo, BC

Your presentation was awesome. I didn’t want it to end.
– Teresa Rogers, Mount Benson Elementary School, Nanaimo, BC

Lyn kept the students on the edge of their seats with tales of baby cougars, eagles and, of course, Tabasco. Her stories also include an important message about conservation and stewardship. The grade seven students enjoyed learning writing skills. Highly recommended.
– Darylene Godkin, Davidson Road Elementary, Okanagan, BC

The children were spellbound. Your timely visit fits in well with the changing curriculum… knowledge of the ‘systems’ of a local animal, in particular. Thanks for all the information you presented.
– Dianne Penner, Quadra Elementary School, Victoria, BC

I was particularly pleased when you reinforced many of the concepts and ideas I had been trying to instill in my students. Reading one’s work aloud is so very important an editing skill, I’m not sure my young writers fully believed me until you talked about it. It was wonderful to see the looks I received from them – they were listening. They were also impressed by the significance of writing from passion, true life experience, and the hard work and dedication that goes into your writing.
– Roy Sorenson, Mount Benson Elementary School, Nanaimo, BC

Excellent power point presentation with great images; a lively, enthusiastic style.
– K. Miller, McGirr Elementary School, Nanaimo, BC

Lyn was very well received by both students and staff. She captivated her audiences with a slide show and northern artifacts. Her content was extremely relevant to the Social Studies curriculum.
– Paul Grey, Ladysmith Elementary School, Ladysmith, BC

High energy, excellent artifacts that students could touch, terrific slides, great storytelling skills, and she quickly related her experiences to the curriculum the class has studied.
– D. Arnold, Errington Elementary School, Errington, BC

Your dynamic and engaging presentation captivated my students. Your real life experiences will inspire them to write of their own. You gave them practical knowledge that will help us all become better writers.
– Greg Burke, Convent Glen Elementary School, Ottawa, Ontario

A special ed student went back to class and using voice activated software (Dragon) wrote a story!!! Thanks for the inspiration.
– Teacher, Campus View Elementary School, Victoria, BC

I tell everyone that your book There’s a Seal in my Sleeping Bag was the one that got me hooked on to reading as a teen.
– Laurie Thompson, teacher-librarian, Cumberland Junior Secondary School, Cumberland, BC

Wonderful experience. Lyn’s enthusiasm was contagious and the appeal of her topic (animals) obvious. She had an ability to share her joy of reading and writing that left students anxious to read more of what she has written…Our students came away from the sessions enthused about reading, excited about writing, and anxious to try their hand at drawing.
– James Gillett, Glenmore School, Kelowna, BC

What a wonderful experience! Lyn started out the day with an assembly presentation to all our students between grades 1 and 7 (400 in the gym). She talked about her experiences with animals and showed slides of her encounters with animals – the children loved it! Despite the length of the session (1-hour) the children were fascinated throughout the entire presentation.Afterwards, she worked with two Intermediate (grades 4-7) at a time, running a writing workshop and focusing on descriptive words. Once again, the children were captivated! They had an opportunity to write their own ideas about “Tabasco making a mess” and were so motivated that they didn’t want to leave when their turn was over! I was particularly thrilled to see certain students, who usually are not particularly interested in writing, experiencing the thrill of putting words to paper. I think of a student who was very proud of her work but was too shy to share it herself (so Lyn red it out for her), of another who usually will print one or two words but wrote a whole paragraph, of a third who contributed a phrase that showed she has creative and inventive ideas about language despite having written output disorder. In all cases, Lyn was terrifically energetic, encouraging, and fun!I would love to have her visit my school again, and encourage anyone who is considering an author visit with Lyn Hancock to book the visit and be ready for a fun-filled, energetic, and marvelously creative day.
– Margaret Jensen, Teacher Librarian, Ladner Elementary School, BC

Lyn is a real character, larger than life, and very fun loving so her presentations are always well received.
– Debbie Froome, Liwara Catholic School, Greenwood, West Australia

She was awesome! The students really like her raccoon hat, dress, porcupine earrings and moccasins. They liked her books The Ring and Tabasco. The Ring a story of Sam Livingston is a nice connection to our school. The students also enjoyed the Power Point Presentation.Lyn was fantastic! She really caught the student’s attention. The kids loved to hear about the animals and how they become characters in her books.
– Sam Livingston School, Calgary, Alberta

What a wonderful experience! Your presentations were very successful. Thanks for all of your time and attention to the needs of our schools by presenting to both the girl’s leadership group and the humanities students.
– Shelley Robinson, Calgary Science School, Alberta

The students found your presentation very inspirational in terms of encouraging them to attempt more story writing. All enjoyed your talk and reading.
– R. Cusson, Coal Tyee School, Nanaimo

Thank you for your amazing and captivating presentation. What a WILD life you’ve had!

– Sandee Parkin, Teacher Calgary School Board & Ladies Reading Room Book Club

I was delighted to receive the book Yukon and I am impressed. You have included a lot of information in a small space and given a good focus. I like the format too. Nice size and a good mixture of pictures and information. Well done.

– Eleanor O’Donovan, Yukon School Board, Yukon

Testimonials from Librarians:

I have had so many favourable comments from the children. One little boy told me “Mrs. Hancock was the BEST speaker I’ve ever heard,” EVERY child in the class bought your Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon.
– Maria Vavarikos, Lower Canada College, Montreal, Quebec

I understand why Maria Vavarikos said it was the best presentation she had ever seen – the class from Westmount Park School was bowled over and the group from The Study went back to school and hounded their librarian for your books. It was a real letdown after you left.
– Joanne Stanbridge, Westmount Public Library, Montreal, Quebec

I especially appreciated your emphasis on how young people could become writers, and your reading of poetry which students had written about animals in the classroom.
– Molly Walsh, Montreal Children’s Library, Montreal, Quebec

Your enthusiasm and verve for life are contagious and I will never look at a seal the same way again (nor a cougar, an ape, an eagle, a walrus). Having the opportunity to look at your displays was, I know, appreciated by all.
– Wendy McDonald, Sioux Lookout Public Library, Sioux Lookout, Ontario

It was a real pleasure to have guests with local connections – it made the point with kids that authors and illustrators are real people who live in their own country, right here in the Okanagan, and that some of the wildlife that so inspired them can be found on our very doorstep. Lyn encouraged kids to challenge themselves by reading beyond the Children’s Library and enticing them to do so with great anecdotes from her books – and episodes that didn’t make it into print (raising the issue of editing!). It was wonderful to see someone respect the young audience sufficiently to have high expectations for their reading interests and abilities and urge them to take the experience of this visit into further reading.An excellent Powerpoint presentation and a wealth of display material (articles, pictures, original type-written manuscript extracts, and cramped diaries from long vigils in eagles’ nests!) accompanied her talk. Not only did the beautiful images keep the program lively and visual, they also reinforced the reality of Lyn’s stories. Although they read well as narrative, they are non-fiction; it was great to emphasize the importance of real experience in writing. We appreciated her insight into the publishing world along with all the fascinating observations about wildlife.
– Julia Cox, Youth Services Librarian, Penticton Public Library, Penticton, BC

The fact that the grade five and six students were reluctant to leave your talk at the end of 1-1/4 hours is a sure indication of how engrossed they were. Your rapport with the children, the pacing of your presentation, the ‘good story’ you shared, and the ‘show and tell’ pieces all contributed to an afternoon which each of the students will long remember with pleasure. Thanks for the care you took in making family members in the audience so special.
– Joye Hardman, Calgary Public Library, Calgary, Alberta

It was our pleasure to have you here – you gave us a wonderful presentation that the kids really enjoyed. They were obviously really motivated by what you said and inspired to read your books. We put them out on display after school and Tabasco was checked out right away!
– Jennie Castleton, Fleetwood Public Library, Surrey, BC

Thank you so much for your wonderful session Friday evening at the Airdrie Public Library. The children were truly enthralled, captivated and delighted with your presentation. The adults were not far behind… You provided us with a true sense of adventure, wonderful and heart warming stories and a sincere wish that we were there.

Judy Dufort, Chair of the Airdrie Public Library, Airdrie Alberta

I’d like to add my thank to Judy. It was so interesting and everyone enjoyed the evening.

– Janine Jevne, Director, Airdire Public Library

The guests of your reading at the library just raved about it. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, knowledge, and entertaining personality. My daughter Olivia has devoured your books and was heart broken when she find out that Tabasco died.

– Carolyn McTighe, Airdrie Public Library

Testimonials from Students:

I enjoyed your visit to Shuswap Middle School tremendously and I can’t wait to seek out some of your books any place I can get my hands on them!! The first page you read of Love Affair with a Cougar got me so full of suspense! And now I have my mind set on finding that book for myself. Thank you for giving me the inspiration you gave me today.
– Mikayla Demay, age 11, Salmon Arm, BC

Wonderful speech! Mind Blowing!
– Derek St. Onge, M.B.Beattie School, Enderby, BC

Lyn Hancock is a great role-model for any wanna-be-writer.
– Micheil, Lady Evelyn Alternative School, Ottawa, Ontario

I am a ten year old girl who read Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon. She made me laugh, she made me cry, and now is definitely living in my heart. Thank you for making such a wonderful book. I would love to have you at our school.
– Zoe, Bella Coola, BC

The two years I spent in your class at Maple Grove Elementary School in Vancouver were very special and gave me a real love for learning. Fiona Macdonald, former student I will always remember the passion you spoke with when you talked about animals, nature and respect for natural habitat. You seemed to have packed so much into your life, with adventures and research and writing. I remember the tremendous energy you had when you were teaching!! If all teachers had that much energy and enthusiasm, school would be so much better.
– Jane Blannin-Bruleigh, former student, Ontario

Oh, what fun we had in your classroom and we actually learned things also. I think about how you taught us and always considered you as a teacher before your time. In the days of desks in rows, quiet classrooms, strict routines, and so many rules, your teaching methods were so ‘out of the box’. Yet, today that ‘hands on’ approach is the way our children are now educated. This proves how progressive your methods were in that era. Thank you for being a very important part of my life.
– Barbara Dickson McColl, former student, BC

When asked by people which teachers in my past inspired me your name is always at the top of the list. Your science class in grade 4 at Lord Kitchener Elementary was what got me through the year. You made us all feel competent and excited to be learning about science.
– Martha Gerow, former student now teacher, Journey Middle School, Sooke, BC

Dear Ms Hancock,Thank you for coming to our school last Monday to tell us about your books. I really enjoyed heading about your adventures. Hearing about your books made me want to write my own books. I loved the way you talked about Tabasco. I wanted to pull out my notebook and write about my puppy, the one I got for Christmas. All the stories I have about her, you got me so excited about writing. As soon as I found out that a writer was coming to my school, I thought, “Oh a writer…”. When you started talking I was so surprised, so happy to hear your stories now I’m really happy to say that you are one of my favorite authors. I found it really fun to know that a raccoon could be a dentist. Running away from a bear could be one thing to talk about for a life time, but you have lots more! Thank you for coming to my school. Thank you for doing such a GREAT performance and thank you for inspiring me!
– Brook Bellemy, Coal Tyee School, Nanaimo

Testimonials From Others:

Westbooks is a specialist bookshop and library service in Perth, Western Australia. We have had numerous authors, illustrators and presenters come through our shop for book launches, Children’s Book Council of Australia (WA) events, and story times. When Lyn Hancock arrived, one beautiful autumn afternoon, we were just about to launch our first “Boys Book Club” with a group of eight year old boys from a local school.The boys raced in full of enthusiasm, energy and excitement, eager to explore the wonderful worlds books have to offer. When they bumped into the lady with a raccoon on her head they came to an abrupt stop! They then spent the next forty-five minutes entranced by Lyn as she told them her amazing stories of cougars, bears, seals, apes, raccoons, and adventures around the world. Lyn has a wonderful ability to paint a picture so vivid you feel you are actually experiencing the places and animals she describes. She can get across messages to kids about the importance of our world and our future that inspires as well as informs. Both the parents and the boys left the shop that day with the knowledge that everyone has a story worth telling and if you follow your passion you can make amazing things happen. She is truly an inspiration.

– Joscelyn Leatt-Hayter, Westbooks, East Victoria Park, Western Australia

My son, Ben, saw you at Sam Livingston school last week and really enjoyed your presentation so we ordered a book right away. I’d love for you to sign it for him. We just moved to Calgary and Ben is struggling with being new to his school, missing his friends, learning a new language etc. He said that you are encouraging kids to write so I have bought him a journal and he is writing his feeling down. Thanks for being an inspiration to him.

– Trisha Morgan, Calgary

It isn’t very often that one of our childhood heroes lives up to our expectations as an adult, but Lyn Hancock does exactly that, for me. I grew up reading There’s a Seal in my Sleeping Bag, There’s a Raccoon in my Parka, and Love Affair with a Cougar, so I was very excited to hear that Lyn was coming to the Airdrie Library to talk about her new books, Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon and The Ring. I attended with a friend and my two children, aged 6 and 10.

Lyn’s enthusiasm grabbed us as soon as we entered the library, when she approached us to say hello, and engaged my youngest in conversation about the stuffed animal she had brought. Her speaking style was engaging throughout, with a spontaneous feel, and leaving us all knowing that we were experiencing a very intimate connection with this author, and that the stories she was sharing with us were very special to her.

 I purchased multiple copies of all the books she had there, some for my family, some for a friend, and one to donate to our local library, in Rockyford. My son insisted that the interior light be on for the drive home so he could read Tabasco, and my history-loving husband secured The Ring as soon as we got home. Thankfully, I kept possession of There’s a Seal in my Sleeping Bag for myself! We are thoroughly enjoying all the books, and sincerely hope we can see Lyn Hancock again soon.

 – Kristi Cox, Rockyford, Alberta

We had various clients with different cognitive abilities attend Lyn’s presentation.  The clients were engaged and asked many questions.   A high energy level by Lyn kept all enthralled.  The transition from her animal adventures to her newest book, The Ring, with all the history kept everyone’s interest.

The Beverly Centre – Long Term Care Facility.

Lyn, fabulous talk. We could have listened for hours to your stories about the writing of your books.


Lyn, loved your animal stories and it was touching to hear your students blossomed. I’ve got The Ring and loved it.

– Lorna

Wow, Lyn! You are phenomenal! Your stories are incredibly touching as well as informative. I can’t wait to read The Ring and Tabasco,  as well as There’s a Seal in my Sleeping Bag. And to think they will only be the beginning. Love you for your love for life.

– Lois

Lyn, I thought your information was most informative and it will help me understand ourcity even more.


Dear Lyn, your presentation was great with enthusiasm and the truth came out. Am sure your success will continue.

Doug Parkin

Lyn Hancock is an engaging speaker, enthused about her experiences, a compelling storyteller who inspires enthusiasm in her audience. What an interesting life she’s led!

M. D.

I read Lyn’s animal stories 15 years ago and felt, “Wow! what an incredible woman and life. I wish mine were as interesting. Listening to her speak was even more entertaining and touching.

– Donna

I think that was one of the most exciting evenings in a long time. A fantastic presentation!

– Marg Oliver

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