Meet Lyn

Lyn is a dynamic, award-winning writer and photographer, a highly-recommended, captivating speaker, an inspiring, widely-experienced teacher, and in the words of a spokesman for one education board, “an extraordinary person.” The New York Times added that she has “enough energy and exuberance to light up the streets of New York.”

Lyn was raised in Western Australia, hitch-hiked through Africa, taught school from grade four to university in Australia, England and Canada, and spent a decade raising orphaned wild animals and promoting the conservation of wilderness and wildlife. For three more decades she wandered alone with camera, notebook and backpack through northern British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. In the last decade, she has extended her travels to China, Laos and Cambodia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, Central and South America, and Antarctica. She has also indulged her passion for history and culture following in the footsteps of Mayans, Incas, Inuit, First Nations, Dene and Metis.

From these experiences have come 20 books, countless images, articles and presentations. Lyn continues to share her fathomless curiosity, boundless energy and quest for adventure with audiences young and old as an inspirational speaker. Many have been touched by the magic of her storytelling or stimulated by her example and have gone on to leave their own unique mark on the world as writers, broadcasters, naturalists, film makers and conservationists. According to her students, Lyn is a “super hero” who inspires audiences with a love of learning and literacy.

You may not have slept with eagles, seals, cougars, raccoons, bears or apes. Or stalked walrus and polar bears, jaguars or penguins. You may not have run from grizzlies, swum icy rivers, sat for nine hours in an eagle nest, strung Christmas lights on an iceberg, melted an igloo, or flown to the North Pole. But you will learn how Lyn uses such experiences to turn on people of all ages to get the most out of their lives, to keep journals, to read and write stories based on their own passions.

Here’s a typical testimonial: “I have taught for 30 years and by far this is the most stimulating presentation I have attended…spellbinding, riveting.”

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