Stories by Kids

I love it when readers of all ages send me their own stories. Many are adventures they imagine having with one of my animal characters. Several decades ago, a little girl from a school in Mississauga, Ontario sent me her story of Sloshy the Sea Otter after reading Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon. She said that she was inspired to become a veterinarian or a wildlife biologist when she grew up.  “You were once a little girl like me. I hope you write me back.”

I loved her letter but I lost it. Unfortunately, she had not written her address on the letter and I had thrown out the envelope.  I knew her name. She said she was in grade 7. I took a chance and wrote an envelope  please send to “A KIND POSTIE IN MISSISSAUGA” but it was RETURNED TO SENDER. Perhaps one of the advantages of this frustrating technological age will send her to me through cyberspace.

So here are a few stories that kids have sent me that I have not lost. I know the excitement of seeing one’s name and stories in print. And if your stories come with illustrations, all the better.