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Canada now has roads that link Coast to Coast to Coast, Sea to Sea to Sea. Today is the opening of the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk all-weather road to the Arctic Ocean and I wish I was there. I wish I … Continue reading

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Prayers of the People: St. Philips by the Sea

What is happening in our world today? This is the context for this week’s Prayers of the People. The memory of countries fighting other countries for power in World War 1 and 11. The current reality of groups fighting other … Continue reading

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The Eagles Are Renovating Their Back Yard Nest Again!

BOOKS BEGIN IN BACKYARDS is the title of one of my public presentations and reflects a lifetime of writing and taking pictures of what I see in my own backyard, literally, or what happens to me personally. Get close to … Continue reading

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Kneeling is Healing

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE, Sunday October 8, 2017 THANKSGIVING DAY Happy Thanksgiving Day and Harvest Festival Friends and Family! It was my turn to do “Prayers of the People” when we came together at Church on Sunday to give thanks … Continue reading

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Getting Away From It All in Sarteneja

  After what happened to me on my first day in Belize (see my recent blog BETWEEN TWO BULLETS IN BELIZE) I escaped to my computer in Sarteneja, a remote Mayan-Mestizo village on the Caribbean Sea, close to Mexico. In Belize … Continue reading

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Eagles in my Backyard

Two days now and the nest tree in my backyard is empty. No chirps, no chitters, no squeals. No longer are the parent eagles winging over my lawn with long fish hanging from their talons and landing on the nest … Continue reading

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